Monday, January 21, 2013

Subway sandwich footlong measurement scandal erupts

Last week the New York Post broke a story that is rocking the sandwich world to its buns.

Two reporters for the paper conducted a sting at Subway Sandwich locations in the best three boroughs New York, and found the lengths of the sandwiches lacking.

According to Kaylee Osowski and Natalie O'Neill:

"Four out of seven Footlongs — purchased at Subway locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens — measured only 11 or 11.5 inches, according to the test." 

So is it false advertising, or just a measurement malfunction? Subway has responded, I'll post their thoughts in the coming days.

I'll be honest, I noticed this phenomenon about 15 years ago. I mentioned it to the people who worked at the Subway on West Street near Commerce Drive in Orillia, inside the gas station, and they said that the pans are 12 inches, but sometimes the bread shrinks in the ovens.

I was satisfied with their answer, and satisfied with the footlong "Assorted" sub that I ate that day, with extra lettuce.

Here's a link to the full exposé.

UPDATE: It appears this story originated in Australia, and the Post work was done as a followup.

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