Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pulled Pork: A Revelation in Taste

Everybody should do this atleast once, monthly.

I slow roasted a pork shoulder, and ate a good slab of it like that, then, after it cooled, I pulled it, and ate it all week on sandwiches. So moist and tasty, salty from the rub before it went in the oven.

This recipe was a true discovery. And it clearly falls under the
definition of a sandwich
, since the meat has been shredded, not formed into an unnatural shape such as a patty.


Brendan said...

Thought I should bring the following to your attention:
On May 15, 2009 PRI's "The World" audio podcast featured "The search for the world's best sandwich". I've yet to listen to said podcast but figured you should. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


jake said...

Very nice blog; very nice! Definitely will add this to my feed. btw my current site is now here if you want to check it.

I swear I've heard of this same CUSD somewhere over the past year or so...maybe, or Unbreaded or somewhere. The sandwich definition argument, that is. I need to read up on that as well! If you have a chance, send me a line at jdsaenz-at-gmail-dot-com. I have some ideas about what constitutes the def. of a sandwich.

Thanks again for your post on the blog! Talk soon,