Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Belgian Fry Stand

Belgium's contribution to the world

Sometimes you just need fries. I do, anyway.

Down the street from our apartment in Paris is a Belgian burger stand. I should probably call it a fry stand, really, as that's where the focus seems to be.

One of the big differences you notice between eating in Europe and North America is the portion sizes. Everything is a little smaller here in the old world. The focus tends to be on quality and freshness rather than quantity. That theory flew out the window when my wife and I ordered food from the Belgian burger stand. A small order of fries is enough for both of us. And we like fries. They are always tasty and salty, though I wish they wouldn't pre-cook them. While it does add to the crunch, it makes them too hard sometimes. And it's just not necessary.

Working in the food industry I learned that the best way to make fries is to cook them straight from the freezer, and don't over fry. If done right, they're crispy on the outside and soft but not raw on the inside. A perfect match for sandwiches, burgers or nothing.

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