Monday, August 13, 2007

Chocolate Donut Sandwich

Great for breakfast

It shouldn't be a surprise that this chocolate donut is a sandwich. It has a frame (the dough) and an essence (the chocolate) and can be picked up without excessive mess. As long as the dough is baked first, and the chocolate added later, it's a sandwich. And this is obviously the case. See the CUSD for more.

The chocolate is actually Nutella, which I don't like in large quantities. Hazelnut does not always agree with me. But for a day's first meal, few sandwiches are finer.


michael collins said...

I'm afraid of this Chocolate Donut Sandwich. I'm happy that you're willing to try these things out for the rest of us who aren't that brave when it comes to sandwich -- but take care of yourself Ryan. This thing looks dangerous.

Jake & Molly said...

wow. that really does look like a sandwich (I guess because it is). I would have never thought that a donut qualified. But then again, (and I haven't read the CUSD thing yet; should I?) would you consider a cream or jelly filled donut to be a sandwich? IMO, yes; the filling is surrounded by the dough, as you suggested in the original post. said...

Jake, thanks for the questions and comments. I'll make my way through them in the next little while. I think you've raised a lot of interesting points on the definition of a sandwich. DSI is working them out.

On the issue of cream or jelly-filled donuts, the verdict is clear: Not Sandwiches.

As the Complete Unambiguous Sandwich Definition states, a sandwich "...must have an outlet that exposes the essence before the first bite is taken. In other words, the frame may not completely surround the essence..."

A jelly donut in which jam is injectected effectively hides the jelly essence, so it can't qualify as a sandwich. This is also why a burrito is not a sandwich. A wrap is a trickier issue.